water damage in the corner of a room

Signs of Moisture in Your Home or Other Buildings

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we get the full gamut of weather over the course of a typical year.  But our rain – including wind-driven rain – is prevalent enough that we are known for it worldwide.  As a homeowner or commercial building owner, you cannot afford to ignore the exterior maintenance work necessary to protect your preperty.

What Are Construction Defects

What are construction defects?

Construction defects vary greatly in nature, scope, and consequence.  Here in the Pacific Northwest, the most serious construction defects often involve inadequate waterproofing of the “building envelope”: a roof that leaks, windows and doors installed without critical head flashings, poor installation of the weather-resistive barrier that should be applied before the siding is installed, or…

“What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You” — And Other Truths For First-Time Homebuyers

Of all the investments you make in your lifetime, buying your first home is undoubtedly one of the most exciting — and one of the riskiest. People say that what you don’t know can’t hurt you, but that simply isn’t true — especially when you’re buying a home. The reality is that many first-time homebuyers…