Washington Supremes

Washington Supreme Court Upholds Fines Against Chicago Title Insurance Co. for Violating the State Anti-Inducement Statutes

On August 1, 2013, the Washington State Supreme Court confirmed that Chicago Title Insurance Co. (“Chicago Title”) was liable for the acts of its agent for violating the Washington State anti-inducement statutes.  These statutes limit to $25 the amount that an insurer can spend to purchase prizes, goods, wares, or merchandise in connection with any…


Firearms and Common Areas: Your Property, Your Decision

Recent high-profile mass shootings have ignited a national debate about gun control and the limits of an individual’s right to possess firearms. While much of the debate centers on appropriate rules and restrictions for schools and other publicly owned property, the issues are no less relevant when considering firearm possession on private property. To be…

Construction Materials

Recent Court Decision Clarifies Recovery of Attorney Fees in Construction Materials Dispute

Attorney fees are an important calculation in any dispute. While it may be worth a dime to recover a dollar, it is rarely worth a dollar to recover a dime. Often parties will anticipate the transaction costs of litigation and protect against them by including contract provisions for a “prevailing party’s” recovery of attorney fees. This can mitigate the cost of litigation, but also adds an element of risk.

Understanding Ensuing Loss

Understanding the “Ensuing Loss” Clause in your All Risk Insurance Policy

An all risk insurance policy provides coverage for all risks unless the specific risk is excluded. For example, if an all risks homeowner’s policy does not expressly exclude flood coverage, then the house will be covered in the event of flood damage. Some exclusions may include “ensuing loss” clauses. An ensuing loss clause limits the…