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Woodinville Pony League Team strikes out in court

By March 16, 2011Uncategorized
Construction Site

City council votes to uphold the 2011 rates for the Woodinville Sports Fields.
By Annie Archer

Youth sports leagues lost again Tuesday night in trying to get the city to honor permits to play on new Woodinville Sport Fields that were erroneously issued at 2010 rates for the 2011 season.

The controversy started when eight youth sports leagues booked the Woodinville fields for the 2011 sports season last December, at the 2010 rates, only to have the city ask for more money in January. The leagues said they were urged by city staff in the parks and recreation department to get their applications and payments in before Dec. 31. If the leagues met that deadline, they would lock in the 2010 fees on the fields, instead of the 2011 fees which doubled.

The ball clubs claim when the city issued them permits, it was a binding contract. The city claims the permits do not fall under the legal definition of a contract because the leagues may cancel the season and get a refund.

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