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Roof Leak

A leak in the roof of your home can cause extensive water damage that may go unnoticed for years before you finally discover the problem.  Even a small leak can lead to mold, rot, and other damage in your attic, walls, ceilings and floors.

Detecting a roof leak can be done with the help of a qualified home inspector or licensed roofing contractor.  If you notice a musty smell in your attic or elsewhere, water staining, or swollen sheetrock, window trim, or other component of your home, you should contact a qualified professional to investigate further.  That may include the use of a moisture meter to assess moisture levels in your house.

If you have a roof leak or any damage to your home, you may have claims against the builder or seller of your home, or any other contractor that worked on that portion of your house where the problem exists.  You may also want to make a claim under your homeowner’s insurance policy.  But first and foremost, you should hire experienced legal counsel to assess your possible claims.  This should be done before any estimates are obtained or any repairs are made, so that all evidence in support of your claims can be properly prepared, documented, and preserved.

Here is a popular video we created that shows the incredible amount of damage that a roof leak can cause before ever being discovered:

If you live in Washington or Oregon and have a roof leak or other potential property damage and claims, please feel free to contact us to see how we might help you obtain the remedies you deserve.

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