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Favorable Settlement for Homebuyers Prior to Filing Suit

A young family recently purchased a home in Seattle with what they thought was a finished basement.  After moving in, they discovered significant defects in the foundation of the home and soon learned that the basement was not in fact finished. After learning from a local contractor that the sellers knew of these defects prior to selling but did not disclose them to the buyers, the young family reached out to attorney Katie Comstock at Levy ׀ von Beck ׀ Comstock for help. 

Katie immediately investigated the buyers’ potential claims against the sellers and connected the buyers with local building experts to determine their total damages.  Katie then served the sellers with a demand letter and ultimately was able to set up a pre-litigation mediation.  At the mediation, Katie negotiated a favorable result for the buyers.  The buyers were able to make repairs to their home and move on with their lives, all without enduring depositions, discovery disputes, or any of the other costs and risks of a lengthy court battle.

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