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Signs of Moisture In and Around Your Home You Shouldn’t Ignore

By December 17, 2021Articles & News, Awards
water on property

Are you seeing excess water on your property or moisture in your home?


Here in the Pacific Northwest, we get a good share of rain and so surface water (runoff) and saturated soil are not uncommon.  But how much is too much water?  Here are some signs of excess water:

  • Standing water that lasts for days in your yard;
  • Substantial increase in surface water on your property as compared with prior years.
  • Mold spots or a musty smell in your home (especially in rooms that are partially below ground level);
  • Overflowing gutters or water backing up in downspouts.

Not every instance of excess water gives rise to a claim, but it is important that you act quickly to determine and document the cause of the elevated moisture or water on your property, the scope and cost of repair, and any claims you may have so that you can pursue them in a timely manner.  Typical causes we see in assessing our clients’ claims include:

  • Improper grading or inadequate drainage on our client’s site;
  • New construction nearby that has altered natural surface water courses;
  • Backed up stormwater systems, downspouts, or gutters.

Sometimes the repair can be as simple as unclogging a downspout, but other times it may entail waterproofing the foundation, installing French drains, or more.  You may also have a claim under your homeowner’s insurer depending on the cause and timing of the water damage. You should consult with qualified legal counsel to assess your situation and claims, including whether to retain a drainage expert for further investigation. 

If you’re seeking legal help for moisture problems in your home, please feel free to contact us today!