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Levy – von Beck receives award as 2015 Best Law Firm in the USA for Construction Defects

We are pleased to have been awarded, “Best Law Firm for Construction Defects in the USA” by Acquisition International.  Acquisition International’s 2015 Offshore Excellence Awards highlight and promote the most deserving companies across the world that have, over the past 12 months, demonstrated an unwavering commitment to outstanding performance, integrity, and innovation.  Acquisition International announced…


Guidance for Condominium Associations That Want to Amend Their Rental Restrictions

In Washington, the law does not automatically impose rental restrictions on condominium unit owners.  This is something that is commonly done through a condominium association’s declaration when, or after, a condominium association is incorporated. Deciding whether and to what extent rental restrictions are right for a specific condominium association are very important decisions for an…

Katie Joins Firm as Shareholder

Katie J. Comstock becomes firm shareholder

Levy | von Beck | Comstock | P.S., P.S. is pleased to announce that Katie J. Comstock has become a shareholder at the firm. Katie will continue to represent homeowners, homeowners’ associations, small business owners, material suppliers, and contractors in litigation matters, primarily in the areas of construction, real estate, liens, and creditor’s rights. View…

Trilogy homeowners file mass action against Shea Homes claiming unfair and deceptive acts

Plaintiffs in this lawsuit filed by Levy – von Beck and Hagens Berman allege that developer Shea Homes intentionally omitted nearly all industry-standard methods for building homes to withstand our wet weather. And, even after its first homes suffered from various forms of water intrusion due to the substandard construction, Shea refused to tell its customers of the problems and continued building new homes with the same defects.

Class Action Law Suit

Federal Judge Denies Shea Homes’ Motion to Dismiss Class Action Lawsuit

On December 4, 2013, U.S. District Court Judge Ricardo Martinez issued a 17-page order denying defendant Shea Homes, Inc.’s motion to dismiss the class action lawsuit filed against the builder, Blough v. Shea Homes, Inc., (U.S. Dist. Court, Western District of Washington, cause number 2:12-cv-01493-RSM.)  Here is a link to Judge Martinez’s Order Denying Shea…